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Custom Concrete Natural Gas Firepit & Seating wall


We love the idea of year round outdoor living, but lets face it, its damn chilly here in Seattle at nights until July 5th or later.  My sister just moved here from Philly, and I advised her recently not to put away winter clothes…ever.   In the last couple years, I’ve gotten more calls and  interest in outdoor fire pits, which I think is a great trend for getting people outdoors and using their gardens and patios more.  (Firepits are the gathering ’round and marshmallow stick type, as compared to a fireplace, which is vertical & usually stone.)   Here’s an overview: There are three main types of firepit heating you can add in the backyard: wood, propane, or natural gas.  Wood is classico and the options for containment are plentiful and inexpensive. But the wood fuel comes the negatives of  burn bans, close-by neighbors who might think your house is on fire, and going to bed smelling like a boy scout jamboree survivor. With this bias

Real Flame Baltic Concrete Natural gas with lid

Real Flame Baltic Concrete Natural gas with lid

in mind,  I frequently recommend homeowners consider either propane or natural gas fire pits.   With propane, there’s been a nice increase in availability of  hidden tank propane fire pits. These fire pits use the same propane tanks as your BBQ and have the advantage of portability. http://www.woodlanddirect.com/Outdoor/Hidden-Tank-Fire-Pits/?state=3728 Hidden tank propane fire pits start at $1,000 and but they have to be refilled at inconvenient times.  This is why more folks I talk to are leaning towards natural gas fire pits, which are super easy, clean burning, and low maintenance. We’ve been recommending RealFlame Natural Gas Concrete Table, which comes with a lid as well.  http://www.realflame.com But this convenience comes with a steep price tag starting at $2,500,  with the fixture min of $1,000(and up) and gas line extension by plumber of at least $1,500.


But, compared to an addition to your house, a fire pit is pretty cheap and gives you a whole another room to use, along with good fresh air!  What ever type of fire pit you choose,  grab the s’more’s, the kids, and your sweetie to enjoy some warm outdoor living, even before July 5th!

RealFlame Baltic Natural Gas fire pit with lid

RealFlame Baltic Natural Gas fire pit with lid


Woodland Direct Hidden Propane Fire Pit


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