Rainwise and Lakewise

Stormwater Planning

Stormwater Planning Systems - rain-catching cistern on side of a house

Greener Living Solutions works with developers and homeowners to facilitate permits and installation of local storm-water requirements, including the 2009 and 2016 City of Seattle Stormwater Code page.

Solutions include bioretention cells, rainwater harvesting & cisterns, rain gardens, dry wells, permeable pavement.


Rainwise Program

Photo of City of Seattle Rainwise Program display

Greener Living Solutions is certified under Link to Seattle’s RainWise program web page and has designed & installed multiple cisterns and rain gardens through Seattle’s innovative rebate program.

We provide feasibility evaluations, layouts, rebate estimates and beautiful palette of rain garden plantings.

Lakewise Program

Example of Snohomish Lakewise Program

Joanna D’Asaro, landscape architect, consults with the Link to Snohomish County's Lakewise program web page. This unique Department of Ecology grant provides design and installation of attractive native planting buffers for lake front homeowners.

Joanna has even provided planting renderings for Lakewise webpages and marketing.