Big Time Fig time!

Love ’em or hate ’em…that’s how people seem to feel about fresh figs.  There’s a limited window of time that figs are ripe in Seattle, and if you are fig lover you should plant ‘Desert King’ Fig to add to your edible landscape .  This is a semi-cold tolerant  green skinned fig that has pink flesh […]

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Can you add that new garage or nice covered kitchen?

  Here in Seattle, I’ve been spending some time downtown reviewing Land Use and Permit code questions for our clients at the newly renamed Department of Construction and Inspections (formally known as DPD).Question: What’s the code on adding that new outdoor covered kitchen area, or new garages?  Here’s a quick cheat sheet to help you […]

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U of Washington Cherry Bloom–Showtime!

Its time! Take the annual pilgrimage to U of Washington Quad to see the 80 year old Yoshino Cherries/ Prunus Yeodensis in bloom. They are in max bloom now…’snow’ should be starting!  The campus Landscape Architect & horticulturists keep this loved tree tradition going by growing replacement trees in a Skagit nursery, so as the old […]

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Feel the heat! Outdoor fire pits 101

  We love the idea of year round outdoor living, but lets face it, its damn chilly here in Seattle at nights until July 5th or later.  My sister just moved here from Philly, and I advised her recently not to put away winter clothes…ever.   In the last couple years, I’ve gotten more calls […]

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2016 Phinney Home Design & Remodel Fair poster

Meet us at the 2016 PNA Home Design & Remodel Fair

Smaller Living…Larger life…Starts tomorrow! Find out how at the Home Design & Remodel Fair. Phinney Neighborhood Center. 11-4pm. Ideas for Tiny Houses, Backyard Cottages. Drop by and say hi!

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Rusted Steel Planter and Bamboo

Love the rusted steel planters

Houzz user poyskyj asked us: Would you have any idea of the price of one similar to the smaller one and 10-15′ long. Thanks. Answer: Hi….the planters are custom fabricated. Pricing depends on how much can be cut out of specific steel sheets, which required a bid. 10-15′ is long so it would have seams in it and […]

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Can you tell me how you got this color? I am about to start my pool decking. Thanks!

Houzz user heidihjorth asked us about our concrete-finishing techniques. Answer: Thanks! This is an integral color ‘tan’ concrete with a Scofield Lithochrome Chemstain finish ‘Antique Amber’ I believe. I’d suggest having your concrete contractor make you a sample so you are sure. The linear joints are sawcut, which gives a sharper look.

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Love the stone color. Where did you get it. What is the name of it?

Question: Houzz visitor jillmassey asked us about the stone in this installation   Answer: Thank you. Its called Ocean Pearl Natural. Its a true stone veneer (not a manufactured concrete). In Seattle region, supplier is Marenakos Rock Center. There are regional names for stone, so suggest you look at your local suppliers for a match.

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